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Friday, December 23, 2011

Wish You a Merry Chirstmas..!!!!!!

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This is the month of Candies, Cakes, Snows, X 'Mas Songs, So enjoy every moment with peace & happiness. 

!!!!!!!!!!........... Merry Christmas........!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Interior Fireproofing Essential for all Spaces!

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October 8, 2011, Robertson Coatings reveals, "As per the recent scenario interior fire proofing is must at residential as well as office spaces". Interior Fireproofing is an innovative technology which can be used in construction of building to prevent it form fire incidents.

Fire is something that can break out anytime without any notice. Moreover, building materials now a day’s used are much exposed to fire catching equipments, tools and machineries. It is for this Interior Fireproofing, Cable spraying, Mastic Paint, etc are diverse tactics that can be employed to be secured from sudden fire break down. There are number of Painting Contractors present in the market who offer passive fire protection systems, fire stopping seals as well as compartmentalize room between fire-rated walls and floors.

However, Interior Fire Proofing during construction of building saves lives. Fire-stopping of a building can be done through all penetrations, such as pipes or cables; joints, such as roof-of-wall, that run through and/or are attached to a fire-rated wall or floor also need to be sealed to avert fire as well as its smoke from spreading in to the rest of the building. Thus, Fire proofing not only saves life but saves property from getting damaged. Following are the benefits one can expect from interior fireproofing.

It is non-flammable as well as in line to the national grade standard. Ideal in multi storey building as well as common condos such as low rise and high rise offices and apartments for escape routes or dividing walls in commercial units or compartments.

Water and Moisture Proofing:
It allows long term exposure to moist environment. Test results have proven that after Mastic Paint or Cable Spraying has been immersed in water for one month, it still keeps its original shape without causing deformation or expansion.

Insulation :
It provides good insulation against bugs, fungus as well as corrosion for longer term period.

It is believed that fire proofing decreases the weight of building interior too. Moreover, the materials are don't get easily damaged.

Allows Decoration:
Interior Fire proofing also makes interior ready for decoration with painting, texture coat, wallpapers, and veneer, etc.

It is still not late! When the question is regarding your family and your security, it becomes necessary to find a suitable solution for it. There is nothing more valuable than health as the saying goes “Health is Wealth". Also we all are aware that " Precaution is better than cure".

Robertson Coatings is a diversified company specializing in commercial, industrial painting, maintenance painting and mining works, including Fire Protection Coatings, Fireproofing and Fire stopping for every Sector. Robertson Coatings services all areas of Australia and maintains a 100% safety record, with zero accidents, injuries or incidents: safety is our number one priority.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Advantages of Interior Fireproofing with Mastic Paint & Cable Spraying

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Interior Fireproofing has become essential on walls, roofs, floors as well as doors and windows. The materials used now a days are not at all resisitant to fire because everyone wants to go for stylish interior, but have you considered if a fire breaks out may be not at your home but even at neigherhood, you are prone to it. Your stylish doors and walls won't stop them. You need to have interior fireproofing for all of these.
If you are planning a new house, do take this into consideration as it would make your work a whole lot easier. However homeowners can make existing interior doors fireproof using Mastic Paint or Cable Spraying as suggest by your Painting Contractor. There are many Painting Contractors in the market but don't forget to their services into account. Reliability and trustworthyness should also be considered. So always be careful when chosing the one for your precious home.

Generally Mastic Paint is ideal for use in a diverse variety of commercial, social and industrial environments where conventional fireproofing is not satisfactory or appropriate as a finish. The Fire Proof intumescent Mastic Paint will withstand weathering conditions, dangerous chemical fumes and a range of other severe environmental abuses.

Fireproofing by Cable Spray is done in the conventional way by spraying in a cross manner . It is a latex-based, spray applied coating designed to protect electrical cables against the bursting of fire. Cable Spraying, when properly installed, will limit spread of flames and provide short-term circuit integrity during a fire break out. In cable spraying, wet thickness of the coating must be minimum 2.5 mm on all sides. 

Moreover, if you want to fireproof hard to- get- at places, then an extension nozzle can be used. The fire protective Cable Spray must be water-based. The coating should dry to form a flexible coating which is water as well as weather-resistant film and should contain no other solvents, or inorganic fibers. The coating should be capable enough of being applied by brush or by airless spray. The approved coating should be FM Systems Approved.

Characteristics of these fireproof materials are that they are water-based and can be used for easy installation. They are Thyrotrophic for high-build application, Safe with No solvents and asbestos, Nonhalogenated, water resistant, etc. They also provide longer pump life and requires less maintenance too.

Interior FireProofing of Doors can also be done by replacing them with secured, fireproofed doors. These doors are usually constructed from heavy-grade chip board and are infused with fireproofing solvent. Comparatively thicker than standard interior doors, they provide about 30 to 60 minutes of fire resistance when fire breaks out. But this increases expense or should be used when starting construction.

Robertson Coatings is a diversified company specialising in commercial, commercial re-painting, maintenance painting and mining works, including FireProof Paint, Fireproofing and Firestopping for the Mining Sector. Robertson Coatings services all areas of Australia and maintains a 100% safety record, with zero accidents, injuries or incidents.


Fire Detection and Exit Measures at Schools for Fireproofing System

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Every School Management should ensure that there are adequate means to warn people of a fire in the school premises. School Fire Protection could take the form of School KBS Coatings or School Painting Services Australia in larger premises, while in small schools it could be whistles, hand bells, or manually operated fire alarm bell. The key point is to make sure that the fire alarm system can be heard throughout the entire school during an emergency.

A Fireproofing System is of considerable value in providing protection against fire in schools. If not covered promptly, a fire can grow and spread to a level that will be difficult to extinguish. A School Fire Protection system must be monitored throughout the year to enable early detection of a fire even when there is not a single person on the premises or if the fire breaks out in a concealed space.

Smoke and heat detectors should be installed and inspected every six months to make sure that they are working properly. Additionally, batteries in battery operated detectors should be exchanged at least once a year. Moreover, Adequate fire alarm call points should be installed all around the school.

The common causes of fire in schools can be malicious fire, External waste mismanagement, inadequate control of building contractors, Poor housekeeping or storage arrangement and Electrical fires.

Let us see, what can be the means of escape in case of a fire break out in schools?

(a) School Authorities should make sure that there are an adequate number of exits from school buildings and places of assembly. However the number of exits required for a given building or assembly place depends on the maximum number of people that can occupy a space or the capacity of each exit as well as the travel distance required. You can consult with your local Fire Officer so as to know the number of exits required in your particular building.

(b) Fire escape routes in the premises must be clearly marked and all fire escape signs should be stick in places that clearly indicate escape routes.

(c) Keep exit doors unlocked whenever the building or space is occupied. You can use push bars where School Maintenance or security concerns require doors to be locked from the outside.

These means of escape from fire can help you to protect children and other staff members of school during fire. But having School KBS Coatings or School Painting Services Australia can keep you away from fire altogether. Precaution is always considered better than cure. Hence School buildings must be adequately fire protected with painting or coatings. Children are our future and their education directly relates to our growth. Ensuring School Fire Protection is key to it.

Robertson Coatings is a Dulux accredited company specialized in Painting and Maintenance programs with Interior Fireproofing for Schools, Commercial Buildings, Large Domestic, Large Industrial, Maintenance Programs. It is a Australian certified applicator for interior fireproofing and KBS Coating and KBS Fire-stopping system.


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